This policy resulted in a great rise in prices.

Are you on dope?

Don't be afraid.

I've been wanting to see you.


It is a pity that he can not marry her.

The mother greatly missed her daughter, who was away at college.

Sergio's wearing a new coat.


This house needs painting.

He was doubtful at first but soon came to embrace my advice.

We need to rack our brains some more.

They are not coming.

Cristi may use my video camera if he likes.


I can't follow Page's logic.

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He had to leave his cat at home.

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Nobody is speaking.

We started from scratch.

"Yeppers! You heard me right the first time!"

Bullying is a serious problem, but we have to understand that setting out to eliminate it entirely isn't a realistic proposition.

The bag was big, and moreover, it was heavy.

I greeted the students with a handshake.

When did you first notice you were being followed?

Bike sheds are useful.

He has in his possession films that were never distributed to cinemas to protect them against piracy.

All right, Juliane, try it now.

Can we not talk about it, please?

I want to kiss my girlfriend!

A band of robbers attacked the party.

It has nothing to do with you.

I wonder what it sounds like.

Can we just get this over with, please?

How's it going?

You didn't do anything.

Throw the shovel!

Women change the world.

Hazel has been married to Maurice for three years.

She was at a loss what to say next.

Eventually, you'll be convinced.

The climate here is like that of France.

Tim should do the same thing I do.

We need to be ready.

They have made friends with their new neighbors across the street.

Laura was looking at the pictures that Raif took when I entered the room.

It doesn't work like that.

She made a few vague comments about the matter.

Shakil doesn't need to come into work tomorrow.

This is not negotiable.

The bird in the cage is singing happily.

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Roger spent a year in Germany.

When did you buy that from him?

Who does he think he is?

Go out and look at the blue skies.

You'll recognize her.

There'll come a day when you'll regret it.

However hard the training was, she never cried.

You have such beautiful, hazel eyes.

That's what I said to them.

She bought a shirt for him to wear to the party.

Japanese houses are small.

I gave your car.

Quasars give off more energy than 100 normal galaxies combined.

I'm terribly hungry.

The wise one knows what he says; the foolish one says what he knows.

Diane is surrounded by people.

That's very easy to do.

What are you going to do over the weekend?

"Maybe it's better not to tell Betsy anything about today." "I think so too."


I'm worried about them.

When she awoke, she felt terribly cold.

I deserve this.

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The company has purchased a new computer system.


Let's do it ourselves.

Dan made it back to London.

I've been living here my whole life.

They're all upstairs.

What in the world happened here?

It's too hot for me.

What time is it in Sri Lanka?


She is bitterly ashamed of her son for stealing.

The following morning she said close to my ears: "We're going back to Paris tonight. He says that there's no way that he'll leave me alone in such a sad place. That's how it is."

Grandfather is napping on the sofa.

Dan began to search the house.

Where's my ring?


Mosur wishes he had a maid.

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That girl is walking slowly.

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They speak in so many different voices.

I told you what time to come.

I just happened to be there at the same time Erwin was.


Why don't you try to behave like a gentleman?

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Hello, what's that? Somebody doing street theatre or something?

Spencer asked Lenny if she'd help him.

Stephanie neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

She tore a hole in her dress.

I'm not here to buy shoes.

Mrs. Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself.

Pascal never thought about Vladislav while she was away.

I didn't know where it came from.

The heavens are bright with stars tonight.

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He worked and worked until he fell ill.

At the square, a crowd surrounded and listened to the street singers.

Walking along the fence he noticed a mouse.

On the whole, the event was successful.

Raif and Teri were walking at a brisk pace.

The high command decided to attack at dawn.

You won't be happy there.

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Someone's got to be held accountable.

The implication is clear.

Doyle probably knows someone who can teach us French.

I don't know what I did wrong.

Have you already done your homework?

A weatherman is someone with whom the weather does not always agree.

How much does this cost?

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It's slightly windy.

There's something else in the drawer.

I wouldn't want to work here.

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He cut some branches off the oak tree.


"Good morning. The snow is piled up outside." "Really!?"

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Stephan frequently abused his wife and children.

This is the end.

Please place all articles not related to the lesson inside your bag.

When you leave the bathroom, you should wash your hands.

Ammonium carbonate is an organic compound.


Isabelle ran over to help Diane.

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An espresso doppio to drink inside.

Those who don't smoke or drink will die healthy.

The password is "Mountain". If someone says "Mountain", you reply "River".

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It wasn't as easy to do that.

Something incredible happened.

Do you want to do something after work tonight?


No notice was taken of his efforts.

The apples that he sent to me were delicious.

Johnathan was severely injured.


How many aspirin did you take?

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I take two newspapers daily.

I waited for five hours.

This food is too salty.

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Nobody could've known that this was going to happen.

I knew something like this was going to happen.

That's a very good suggestion.

Irfan needs to improve his employability.

I'll go see what I can find out.

He immediately got angry.

Naren is still in his room.

The Japanese yen rose.

You shouldn't go.

I wanted Laura to love me instead of Harvey.

Things can only get worse.


He came hoping to meet you.


Sorry, I couldn't help it.

The two brothers are quite unlike in their appearance.

At present they are working for a big company in England.


I hear that you're very good at what you do.

The company abandoned that project.



Shari caused this mess.

Anything would be better than this.

Come to my house this afternoon.


The spruce returns.

The money needed will be given at any time.

You're doing wonderful work here.


Pay attention to what's going on.

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I must speak to him.

Shit on a Ritz!

It is cheap, but on the other hand it is not good.


Even though they're not still married, Irfan and Cathryn still have dinner together once a week.